Clip Ins - Superior 100g$170
Clip Ins - Poison 210g$190
Tape Extensions 1/4 head (10pc)From $100
Tape Extensions 1/2 head (20pc)From $200
Tape Extensions 3/4 head (30pc)From $300
Tape Extensions full head (40pc)From $400
Move ups$150

Seamless 1 extensions are made from the finest 100% human hair, soft to touch and silky in appearance. Our hair extensions are completely natural looking so no one will ever suspect they exist!

Frequently asked Questions

Q: Can I colour hair extensions?
A:The extensions can be coloured and toner to desired results. They can not be lightened or bleached as they have already been through a chemical process and additional lightening or bleaching is likely to affect the condition of the hair. We recommend that you only let a professional Qualified hairdresser colour you extensions.

Q: Can I straighten hair extensions?
A: Yes. You can straighten, blow-dry, curl, and style the human hair extensions, just as you would your own hair. Use only low settings on curling irons, straightener’s and blow dryers. Hair extensions are made with human hair. It is best to always use a heat protection product before applying heat to the extensions. Just like our own hair, the less heat you use the better.